Dallas Cowboys Wreath

Every year I’ve always wanted to get a Fall wreath for our front door and this year I was determined to get one. However, I ran into two issues:.

  1. I love burlap wreaths, but all the ones I liked were $80+ and that was NOT in my budget
  2. My husband isn’t very fond of wreaths (especially since we have a brand new front door) so I had to create one I know he would love!

With that being said, I decided to to test my skills and make my own Burlap Wreath! I spent a lot of time thinking of fall color combinations, you know your typical red, orange, and yellows, but I knew those colors would be difficult to have my husband love. So, I started thinking of what else happens in the fall, that’s right! It’s football season!!

Here are the items I got from Hobby Lobby to create our wreath:


  1. One 18″ wire wreath
  2. 80 feet of Burlap (it’s crazy how much one wreath needs)
  3. 2 20 feet of ribbons. I chose Navy Blue and Silver.
  4. Big and small wooden stars
  5. Paint I once again chose Navy Blue and Silver.

The instructions I followed to actually create my wreath I got from this site. Not only did it provide excellent step by step instructions, but there’s also a video attached that shows you how to create a burlap wreath.

The hardest part of actually creating the wreath was to keep going and not overthinking each loop. It only took about an hour to make put the ribbons and burlap on the wreath.


Once the wreath was done, I painted all my wooden stars in blue and silver. As I was lazy and didn’t feel like getting our primer from storage I had to paint each star numerous times to get the look I was looking for. Once they were all dried I grabbed my hot glue gun and glued them randomly throughout the wreath. To get my finished look I dug through our drawers and found some Dallas Cowboys Memorabilia and my wreath was done!

Here is the finished project!

Not only did this wreath only cost me about $25 in material (burlap was the most expensive part!) which fit my budget much better! But I also got my husband to love it by sporting his favorite football team! Happy Fall!!


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